Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fr. Tom Euteneuer of HLI - A 1 Day Retreat in Detroit

Fr. Tom Euteneuer, Dan Goodnow (President of HGPI-Mich - backrow and two to the right of Fr. Tom), and members of the HGPI-Mich Advisory Board

Fr. Tom Euteneuer, the President of Human Life International who began his pro-life work with the Helpers of God's Precious Infants, came to Detroit on Memorial Day weekend to give a one-day retreat to the local Helpers.

The day began at 1:00 with a series of talks that would end around 7:00pm and included Mass at Assumption Grotto at 4:00pm Saturday.

The retreat itself focused on the subject contained in an upcoming book by Fr. Euteneuer, which he discusses in a blogpost made the same weekend in his Spirit & Life blog. That blogpost contains an excerpt from a Chapter entitled, "The Devil, His Minions, and His Activities"

Here are a few photos of the day.

Fr. Euteneuer then spoke at all the Masses at Assumption Grotto the following Sunday, and then celebrated the noon Novus Ordo, which is in the vernacular. At Assumption Grotto, the wall altar is used. The noon Mass was in English, as is typical most Sundays. He followed up with Benediction, which is also a weekly occurrence. You can see those photos in this blogpost at the Te Deum Laudamus blog.

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